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"Of any stopping place in life, it is good to ask whether it will be a good place from which to go on as well as a good place to remain." - Mary Catherine Bateson

M e t a p h o r R e s o u r c e s & C o n t a c t s

Research on the metaphor is constant--or to borrow Ron Scollon's words, a non-exhaustive "nexus of practice" (in Sigrid and Norris, Discourse in Action 2008). Here at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's English Department our efforts are no different--and the metaphor is just one of the many projects within our portfolio of linguistics. Here you will find information on the research team, and additional resources.

Metaphor Project Research Team

Dr. Li Lan, PhD
Assistant Professor,
English Department
Dr Li Lan spear-heads the metaphor projects and is currently focusing on research papers related to how metaphors are used by Poly U students, and how that data can be applied to discourse on metaphor usage within business contexts. Dean A. F. Gui:
web designer,
research assistant

Joanne Zhong:
research assistant

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  • Ontology Oriented Computation of English Verbs Metaphorical Trait
  • Root Metaphors & World Hypotheses
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  • Chinese Room Argument
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  • Metaphors of Terror
  • The Search for an Internet Metaphor: A Comparison of Literatures
  • Building a Knowledge Sharing Company: Evidence from the Finnish Insurance Industry
  • Cultural Metaphors: Their Use in Management Practice...
  • Metaphors for Instruction
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  • Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf
  • Metaphor and Learning Activity
  • Apt Metaphors Can Make Visible Aspects of Human Experience
  • Metaphors and Reflective Dialogue Online
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  • Multiple Metaphor Environments: Issues for Effective Interaction Design
  • Generics and Metaphors Unified Under a Four-Layer Semantic Theory of Cencepts
  • Hong Kong, Metaphor of the Contemporary World
  • Real Interfaces
  • Stretching the Metaphor: the World and the Economy
  • We Live in a World of Metaphors
  • World's Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg
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  • Internet Activities
  • On Metaphor
  • Primitive Living as Metaphor
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  • Complex Adaptive Systems
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  • Metaphor
  • Battlestar Galactica: a Metaphor of Post 9/11 World
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  • Adapted from: "Understanding Metaphor: John Ashbery and Wu Kuang-ming"
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  • Virtual Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambodia
  • Metaphors
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  • Metaphors We Teach By: Understanding Ourselves as Teachers and Learners
  • Shaping the Metaphor of Community in Online Learning Environments
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  • A fast, interactive 3D paper-flier metaphor for digital bulletin boards
  • From Brazil, Interactive Works, Metaphors, and Talcum Powder
  • Giulio Romano's Garden of Venus as an Interactive Spatial Metaphor
  • Effect of Gaming and Visual Metaphors on Reflective Cognition Within Computer-Based Simulations
  • Generating Metaphors for Graphical Interfaces
  • The Metaphor Rant
  • Paradigm Metaphors and Puzzle-Solving
  • Mediation Corpus Text Citations
  • PolyU helps boost Chinese Linguistics research through collaboration with Peking University
  • The semantics and pragmatics of everyday gestures
  • Designing Gestural Interfaces
  • Metaphor Design & Architecture
  • Caravanserais a Metaphor
  • Vapour Metaphor
  • How Metaphor Influences Design
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  • City of Glass
  • 2046
  • Durian Durian
  • Vampire Effect
  • Pun Choi is Purely Hong Kong
  • International Linguistic Olympiad
  • A Figure of Speech: Conference on Metaphor
  • International Conference on Researching and Applying Metaphor
  • Conference: Metaphors in/on architecture and urbanism
  • Emerging Technology Conference
  • Annual Paideia Conference
  • International and Multidisciplinary Conference in Aesthetics and Poetics of Ordinary Language
  • Metaphor seminars, workshops, presentations, and papers
  • Metaphor Comprehension as Problem-Solving (workshop)
  • Metaphor: descriving an Essay in Other Terms (online workshop)
  • Experiential Learning with Horses (workshop)
  • Symposium: Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace
  • Symposium: using Metaphor in Legal Analysis and Communication
  • Cognitive Approaches to Metaphors of Power (symposium)
  • Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics
  • The Linguist List
  • Hong Kong Association of Applied Linguistics
  • International Linguistics Centre
  • The Metaphor Project
  • Metaphor Sky
  • Metaphor Free
  • Metaphor: language to change our world
  • Patterns and Metaphor
  • Exploring the Theory: Practice Relationship in Education Leadership Curriculum Through Metaphor
  • Metaphor and Metonymy Group
  • Stephen C. Pepper
  • George Lakoff
  • Mark Johnson
  • Sylvia Weber Russell
  • Veronika Koller
  • Andrew Peter Goatly
  • John Barnden
  • Dawn G. Blasko
  • Frank Boers
  • Jonathan Charteris-Black
  • Martin Cortazzi